MRM is governed by a Board made up of seven directors, three of whom are independent

The Board of Directors sets the strategic course for the Company’s business activities, oversees its implementation and controls the management of the company. The Board is assisted by an Audit Committee and a Strategic Committee.

Board members

  • François de Varenne, Director and Chairman of the Board of MRM, Chairman of the Management Board of SCOR Investment Partners
  • Jacques Blanchard, Director and Chief Executive Officer of MRM
  • Gérard Aubert, independent Director 
  • Brigitte Gauthier-Darcet, independent Director
  • Jean Guitton, Director, Head of Real Estate at SCOR
  • Valérie Ohannessian, independent Director
  • SCOR SE, Director, represented by Karina Lelièvre, Deputy General Secretary of SCOR

Strategic Committee

The Strategic Committee informs the Board of Directors of its opinions and recommendations/helps the Board of Directors with strategic issues, supervising strategy execution, reviewing proposed investments, acquisitions and disposals, and reviewing the financing policy of the Company and its subsidiaries.

  • François de Varenne, Chairman of the Strategic Committee 
  • Jacques Blanchard 
  • Jean Guitton

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews the financial statements and is responsible for monitoring the process of preparing financial information, the effectiveness of internal control and risk management systems, legal checks of the annual financial statements and the procedure for selecting the Statutory Auditors, the amount of fees paid to them and ensuring their independence.

  • Brigitte Gauthier-Darcet, Chairman of the Audit Committee 
  • Gérard Aubert 
  • Jean Guitton
  • Valérie Ohannessian

Downloadable documentation

23 February 2017
Internal regulations of the Board of Directors and its committees (pdf)